"Dirò pane al pane e vino al vino, anche il più grande vino del mondo, senza amici, è poco più di niente" (Mario Soldati)

In the heart of old Bologna,

in the central Via Saragozza,

what initially appears but a

cozy gathering spot,

quickly expands into

charming rooms,


one after another,

joined by a long corridor,

a maze of images,

guiding you to the ancient stones

of a secluded outdoor patio.


We present a journey

begun from afar.

From an island known

for distinctive aromas and flavors.


We present La Fastuchera

with its many evocative,

intimate angles, its wines,

its cuisine, its appetizers and

its selection of distilled spirits.

All chosen with care and passion

to make you feel at home.


Book a table on The Fork

Closed on Monday

Closed for lunch



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